Edge of Euphoria

The heightened sense of her sexual pleasure is beautifully manifested through the intensity of her orgasms. As she releases, her pelvic floor muscles contract in wonderful rhythm . The tighter he squeezes, the more powerful she releases; she shudders with euphoria. Fuck me, and Squeeze tighter, are her whispers. He feels so good inside her; she closes her eyes to take in the full feeling of his passion. Between the pleasure of his penetration, he likes to also please her with his tongue. Her sounds and facial reactions inflame him to do more. There is a distinct feeling he knows well when she is on the verge of release again. The silence just before she screams is beautiful. She is well experienced in anal pleasure, and she moans as the thickness of his cock stretches her. With one hand she caresses her lover, and with the other, she rubs her extremely wet vagina with just the right amount of pressure from her proficient fingers. He keeps his hand around her neck tightly and she responds by squirting all over him in primal ecstasy. He loves pleasing her, and he doesn’t want to cum until there is nothing left in her but total exhaustion. With the insertion of a butt plug in her ass, he wants her to ride him fast so he can release what he has been holding at last. The wetness of her pussy causes his cock to slide inside her easily. She rides him, looking into his eyes directly and talking to him through heavy breaths; Cum in my pussy, she says. But he withholds his release to see her reach orgasm at least one last time before it’s over. With excitement, he turns her over, and again, he lightly chokes her, furiously stroking her deeply with a renewed vigor that drives them both to the edge of climax as their intimate connection takes them over.

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