With Every Breath

Impassioned kisses fall on responsive flesh.
Euphoric anticipation is the beginning of heavy breaths.
Her contours alone are a mystery waiting to be discovered—
To be held in the rapture of true love causes tears to fall.
They accept each other in totality — flaws and all.
Her wondrous depths are indescribably beautiful;
Gorgeous whispers stir up emotions that even
A seasoned literary genius could not fully describe.
She is a light being who was reborn with diamonds in her eyes.
Her smile is a work of art, pristine and frozen in time—
It is displayed prominently in her life’s art gallery.
Her heart is protected like a priceless piece preserved
In protective wrapping for more than three centuries.
The warmth of her soul incites secrets to be told;
The sensual warmth of her body is a refuge from the cold.
There is a transcendent euphoria found in pleasing her;
To touch the parts of her body receptive to pleasure
Is to stir the vibrant colors of her vast erotic aura.
To be inside her, is to connect with her intimate depths;
To truly love her, is to inhale her with every breath.

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