Laura’s Erotic Entry

To fulfill her want, Laura takes the day off to stimulate her clit and have multiple orgasms using her magic wand. An additional black butt plug heightens her ecstasy. She thinks about the married handsome muscular man next door as part of her sexual fantasy. Sometimes, she opens her blinds fully and undresses in bright lamplight at night, hoping he will see. Just watching him manicure his lawn causes sudden wetness and an exciting throbbing of her pussy. When he’s outside, she usually watches him for at least a half an hour as she pleases herself, then she takes a long warm shower. Scenarios of his wife going out of town and John coming over to fuck her, run through her mind constantly. Her mouth waters, thinking about sucking his cock and then being taken from behind roughly. She’s wet and pinches the erect nipples of her firm breasts — she can scream and moan as loudly as she wants because she is by herself. Laura has a lover she fucks occasionally, but she prefers her magic wand when she really wants to have orgasms continually. She is a tenured university professor who likes excellent wine and lingerie and has an array of sexual toys in the middle draw of her antique dresser. She goes to the spa to get massages regularly, and she treats herself to Brazilian waxes to maintain a beautiful vagina.

She likes men who know how to use their mouths skillfully; grinding her clit against a man’s tongue makes her reach intense climax easily. In her California King, she continues to please herself, getting up, only to slide on a pair of black stiletto sandals to feel even more feminine in her sexiness. She has a large beach towel under her because she knows how wet she gets. She closes her eyes with her legs spread wide, breathing heavily as she releases and screaming loudly sometimes.

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