A Good Morning

She had been touching herself under the comforter for over an hour,
while she lustfully and longingly stared at her sleeping lover.
The night before, he had bent her over the kitchen counter for an erotic encounter;
His large cock thoroughly satisfied her; when he was deep inside her,
She moaned louder and louder and rubbed her clit faster and faster.
She remembers how he pulled out of her wet passion and placed her right leg
Up on the counter, then got on his knees to skillfully use his tongue;
Two fingers inside of her in addition to his persistent licking made her cum.
But they were far from done; in six inch mule stilettos, she got fucked passionately,
Balancing herself gracefully on the tip of her clear sexy heels;
He firmly gripped her hair as whispered lascivious words in her ears.
With the thickness of his girth, she would have fucked him anywhere,
But after her pleasure on the counter, he sat on a dinning room chair and stared—
She came over promptly and sat on his cock slowly, kissing his lips and neck lovingly.
She then took her heels off so her bare feet could grip the floor securely;
She rode him hard, never once breaking eye contact as she roughly fucked him.
She didn’t care that she had released at least twice before — she wanted more.
With primal lust in her eyes, she told him, I want you to make me your whore;
Fuck me like you really want me — This is your pussy baby; it’s really yours.
Do you fucking hear me?
He whispered, Yes — and after his response,
He firmly gripped her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples wildly
As she kept riding him vigorously; he then placed one hand around her neck,
Choking her lightly; she breathed heavily, on the verge of releasing her intensity.
When she riled up his passion, she had felt his throbbing cock become
Even harder in her pussy. The rock hard stiffness of his throbbing cock
Drove her to keep bouncing up and down on it hard, non-stop.
She found her release as she shuddered and squirted all over him, screaming.
He kept going, but they changed positions; he wanted her on her back.
His huge cock–head found the upper chambers of her vagina as
He passionately explored her. He sucked and licked her extremely pretty toes,
And she sucked the length of his fingers. It was something that she whispered,
That caused him to release loudly inside of her unexpectedly.
It was 2 A.M. when they finally went to sleep, but at 7 A.M. she wanted
To feel his passion inside her again; he wasn’t a morning person, so
She didn’t want to wake him; but her wet passion kept dripping,
And her clit was throbbing, so hesitantly, she roused him,
Sucking his cock ardently to arouse him — and when his cock
Was fully hardened, adorned in black satin, she mounted him—
Riding his extended thickness and moaning, again.

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