Sincerity of Words

I do not regret being vulnerable with you, for in my vulnerability I found something beautiful that was hidden within me. Even though we broke apart, still, I love freely. Still, I think about your gorgeous smile and your ethereal natural beauty. I told you that I would always love you, and I do; I told you that my heart belonged to you, and my words were true. I told you that I marveled at the length and texture of your hair and it beautifully grew. I felt a transcendent joy in me when I first passionately kissed you. My eyes conveyed the utterances of my heart when I first made love to you. You were my breath; I couldn’t breathe without you. The raw essence of my depths felt for you and loved you when you cried about the hurt you had endured. You had a calming voice that even the heavenly angels could never ignore. You are no longer mine and I am no longer yours, but still, I send you loving whispers, that I hope you hear when you are asleep. I pray for your happiness with whoever you may be with. In my heart — towards you, there is no ill will or bitterness. In the solitude of discovering the depths of myself, I have found my rest, though sometimes I long to lie in the warm comfort of your breasts. Long before we met, I had learned that a man must not be scared to be vulnerable or show emotion to properly love a woman; I had learned that you must capture her heart and mind first, for her bodily reactions are an extension of her emotions. There were times that I was solemn in your presence and told you things about my deep ongoing pain that has caused me melancholia for many years; it was the way that you embraced me and encouraged me, that brought me to tears. I turned my face away from you, but you pulled me back lovingly and kissed me; the words you whispered to me still linger in my memory. I count myself lucky to have deeply explored true intimacy. Few women are truly remembered, though there have been many. There is nothing like a woman’s love. There are flowers, valleys, the moon, the stars, the sun and beautiful scenery, but there is nothing more beautiful than a woman in her natural capacity. There is not more gorgeous a mystery than a woman in the stillness of quiet and subtle beauty. Love, come again and find me. Oh, heaven, send your healing light to comfort me. In my contemplation, I explore my many intricacies. Rummaging through the content of my heart and soul, still, I make unexpected discoveries.

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