Midnight Moans

His erect hardness rubs against her vagina as they sensually embrace each other. They kiss under warm water like nothing else matters. Earlier, she couldn’t help but notice his cock protruding, stretching the fabric of his boxers. He knew she was peeking, but he closed his eyes as if he was sleeping — pretending not to see her. It was then, that she pulled down his underwear and took his thickness into her mouth, sucking on him as her fingers found the source of her pleasure that was dripping with the longing of her passion. His manly hands firmly gripped her hair, bringing her mouth down to the base of his throbbing cock; she knew that he didn’t want her to stop, but she teased him, licking around the head of his erectness then pausing to deepthroat the length of his thickness, again and again. Her clit throbbed with engorged excitement as she listened to the sounds of his moaning — wanting to feel him inside her, she moaned with him; she then straddled him with extremely wet anticipation awaiting his passionate insertion. She kissed him passionately and slowly as the thick head of his cock first went in — they both moaned as she fucked him, his mouth giving her sensitive erect nipples much needed attention. Ride me — fuck me, he whispered erotically, after holding her waist and bringing her down on him roughly. She let out several screams as he guided her hands to his neck and said, Fucking, choke me. With her hands around his neck, she rode him vigorously until the pleasure of his dick took away her breath. She moaned, saying his name between screams, lost in the pleasure of passion as if she was in a sexual dream. She wanted to be his whore and swallow every last drop on her knees; she wanted to appeal to his sense of eroticism, whispering, Cum for me baby; cum, please. And they both did , after several more moans and several more minutes of fucking. He turned her around and was happy to please her in her second favorite position. After the passing of an hour, they jumped into the shower to wash and lather each other and do it all over.

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