Beautiful Stillness

Just her mere presence calms his troubled heart;
the tranquil tone and beautiful cadence of her voice,
is powerful therapy and potent medicine for his soul.
With her, he can let his guard down and be vulnerable;
with her, he can tell things that have never been told.
With her, he can weep in the warmth of her bosom
and find the peaceful sleep that has always eluded him.
Intimacy between them is that of two beautiful spiritual beings—
he can walk in pitch darkness, for her loving eyes see for him.
He ignores the crippling noise, because he only truly hears her voice.
She whispers beautiful words to him when he is sleeping
and passionately kisses him, before and after his awakening.
She clearly sees what other women couldn’t see in him;
In his silent contemplation, she leaves him in joyous tears
with a heart of love and in the depths of indescribable feelings.

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