So Much More

It is so much more than sex β€” it is the warm embrace of her breasts and passionate kisses on the neck. It is the loving whispers of her breath and the sensual sounds she makes when true intimacy touches her depths. It is the subtle feminine beauty of her feet, and the way her hair falls on her delicate shoulders and deep contours of her back underneath. It is the way she tightly holds onto the sheets and closes her eyes when she’s being orally pleased, and also, how she stares into the eyes of the man she rides as her feet rest on his knees. It is the beauty of her aura, and the way she is missed and thought about after. It is the gorgeousness of her shimmering skin after soaking in warm bath oils. It is the fragrance of the perfume she sprays on her moisturized skin after brushing her hair. It is the way she lotions her feet and legs sitting on the edge of her bed or a comfortable chair. It is her comfortability in her feminine nakedness with a sensual stare. It is the way she smiles and speaks calmly; it is the grace of her touch and movements that are womanly. It is the wonder of her contours and the magnificence of her curves. It is the feeling of love that overtakes the soul when she whispers that she is yours. It is the intimate embrace with tears, when you tell her that you adore her. It is the way she looks at you in an angelic demeanor when you tell her that you can’t breathe without her and that you will love her forever.

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