Still, She Lingers

To taste her and allow her sensual essence to linger.
To kiss her soft soles, lick her arches, and suck on her pedicured toes.
To slowly kiss between her thighs before taking a deep dive as I look into her eyes;
To hear her sounds of pleasure as she is satisfied with my mouth and fingers.
To whisper to her and feel her spasms right before her loud release happens.
To want her to cum again and again so I keep going with increased passion;
To know her psyche and body thoroughly, touching her erotically
In all the right places and spaces without her having to tell me.
To tell her, I love her when I’m inside her and kiss her passionately when it’s over.

To shower first, then take a long and warm bubble bath together.
To marvel at her beauty as she pulls up her hair while I lovingly massage her.

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