Lingering Pleasure

Hours after, she still feels the pleasure of his width inside her. She wants the constant throbbing to subside, but her pulsating vagina calls for him. She’s tried to ignore it, but she’s extremely wet again. She was hoping that after the last hard passionate fucking, her sexual longing would be at least temporarily quenched until she got back to him; but here she is, at work, moaning — her skillful fingers in and out of her vagina and rubbing the ridge of her clit again — her large nipples, erect under her white lace bra, and her white lace panties draping over her black heels on the bathroom floor.

“Look At Me”

He keeps his tongue just stiff enough that she can move back and forth and feel the ecstasy of the warmth of the pleasurable tip. She feverishly rides his face, constantly finding the most erotic spots that his tongue slightly penetrates. His writhing tongue explores her ass where she sits. She uses a vibrator on her throbbing clit, and her release is quick; within a span of three minutes. She pauses to savor the pleasure; resuming her grinding , she rubs her erect sensitive nipples with her vibrator. Wanting to be fucked, she stares at his hard cock that her watering mouth likes to suck. She is extremely familiar with the length and girth of his measure. She thinks about how passionately he will fuck her as his tongue is still inside her. Her thoroughly pleased ass pulsates with a euphoria that causes her pussy to release intensely. The skillful way he satisfies her longing is the result of him intimately knowing her body. Without holding back, he services her ass and pussy passionately. Fucking his face harder and moaning with heavy breathing before her second orgasm, she turns her head and says to him softly, Look at me with a beautiful and unbridled passion.

Beautiful Recollection

The greatest tragedy would be the disappearance of your beautiful face from the index of my memories. In my blindness, I would try to find you; In desolate darkness, unceasingly, I would loudly call for you — hoping to be again in your embrace. In the darkness, I would kiss you, then gently touch the contours of your face, to rediscover your angelic beauty that escaped me and to make sure I never lose you again in the corridors of my memories. I would keep you in the depths of me in a place where there are large full bloomed roses, peaceful fuchsia rivers, flawless blue diamonds and celestial redwood trees. I would brand you upon the chambers of my heart so you could be a part of the life that flows through me and the breath that I breathe.

Alessia’s Elegance

Her dripping elegance and subtle sensual elements are a commanding presence that shows a distinct feminine strength and unsurpassable confidence. She is well versed in politics, business, haute couture, literature, and world events. She enjoys frequent sex and kinkiness complete with black lace, ropes and whips — and she doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks. She masturbates at least once a day; twice, if she has more time to play. Her two favorite vibrators are her best friends, and she has no inhibitions about using them. She is particular in who she selects in men, and she generally doesn’t keep other women as friends. She likes nice things, but she is still cognizant of what she spends. Daily, she turns down dogged pursuits by several men. She is a once divorced woman with no intention of ever getting married again. She is sexy, but to truly know her, is to hear the utterances of her heart and to discover the love she truly wants. She is sensual and desirable, but to sincerely converse with her, is to know her beauty on a transcendent level. Some disparage her with hurtful whispers and say things to others about her that are malicious; but still, she lives boldly, comfortable in the woman she is, stepping flawlessly in six inch stiletto heels, and radiant in the light of her spirit that her gorgeous smile reveals.

My love, If you should ever leave,
Take the beautiful parts of our moments,
And replant them in the rich soil
Of your fertile and loving heart
So I can grow again within your soul
And be immersed in the depths of you forever;
Remember the way I loved you without fear—
Remember the sincerity of my joyous tears.
Nurture me within your wondrous essence,
And carry me with you wherever you may be.
Let me breathe the breath you breathe,
And let me feel the emotions you feel.
Hide me away within the chambers of your heart,
And let me sleep in the comfort of your heart beat.
Let me arise in the beauty of your hazel eyes,
And be your subtle strength when you cry.
If you should ever give your precious love to another,
Preserve our most loving memories together

So my deep roots do not slowly die and my petals do not wither.
Allow me to flourish within you, even
In the harsh and bitter cold of the winter;
You do not have to keep the door of your love
Wide open for me, but please, just keep
The door slightly cracked so I can at least
peer through and see any love you have left for me;
And if not, let me cry my final tears
And fade away from you, quietly.

Edge of Euphoria

The heightened sense of her sexual pleasure is beautifully manifested through the intensity of her orgasms. As she releases, her pelvic floor muscles contract in wonderful rhythm . The tighter he squeezes, the more powerful she releases; she shudders with euphoria. Fuck me, and Squeeze tighter, are her whispers. He feels so good inside her; she closes her eyes to take in the full feeling of his passion. Between the pleasure of his penetration, he likes to also please her with his tongue. Her sounds and facial reactions inflame him to do more. There is a distinct feeling he knows well when she is on the verge of release again. The silence just before she screams is beautiful. She is well experienced in anal pleasure, and she moans as the thickness of his cock stretches her. With one hand she caresses her lover, and with the other, she rubs her extremely wet vagina with just the right amount of pressure from her proficient fingers. He keeps his hand around her neck tightly and she responds by squirting all over him in primal ecstasy. He loves pleasing her, and he doesn’t want to cum until there is nothing left in her but total exhaustion. With the insertion of a butt plug in her ass, he wants her to ride him fast so he can release what he has been holding at last. The wetness of her pussy causes his cock to slide inside her easily. She rides him, looking into his eyes directly and talking to him through heavy breaths; Cum in my pussy, she says. But he withholds his release to see her reach orgasm at least one last time before it’s over. With excitement, he turns her over, and again, he lightly chokes her, furiously stroking her deeply with a renewed vigor that drives them both to the edge of climax as their intimate connection takes them over.

Jennifer’s Discovery

Jennifer finally got the fucking she’d been awaiting. She’d long seen the huge bulge protruding from her co-worker’s dress slacks. She dreamed of sucking his big cock and stroked her clit with a powerful vibrator, moaning and squirting on her back. He was her ongoing fantasy, and she’d released intensely many times thinking about him, in fact. Jennifer usually didn’t date co-workers, but she didn’t care anymore. Her throbbing pussy belonged to him, and he didn’t know it; she wanted to be his whore but she didn’t show it. Even at work, she would take bathroom breaks to play with her nipples and rub her clit; sometimes she would be gone from her desk for a long time, but she didn’t give a shit. Being a new home owner, she finally found an excuse to invite him over — at her house warming gathering, many of her family and friends were there. She was dressed exceptionally beautifully with open toes stiletto heels, an off shoulder frills black mini dress, and her long black curled hair. She was happy that her co-worker Dorian was there. She stared at him all evening and smiled at him as he talked to her friends, sitting comfortably on her dinning room chairs. It was getting late, and her guests began to leave; Dorian got up to go, but Jennifer told him, Don’t leave yet, please. All day, all she could think about was the raging fire of her sexual needs. After everyone else left, he stayed behind, and it was then that Jennifer skipped the subtleties — leading him up to her second floor master bedroom, she kissed him deeply and looked into his eyes as she got on her knees. She knew the huge bulge in his pants was going to be hers, and she sucked it passionately like it was. Without words, he just moaned and looked at her; her tongue under the base of his cock, heightening his pleasure. From behind, he took her and fucked her intensely with his long thick measure. The width of his cock stretched her; her pulsating pussy releasing over and over again on him. He would stop intermittently and make her beg for it. Between her hard fucking, she would get back on her knees to taste his dick and the passion she released on it. He took the time to please her with the use of his experienced tongue running up and down on her sensitive clit. She looked back at him with dreamy eyes, biting her lip. Again, he bent her over and pulled her hair as his cock explored inside her everywhere; to make her cum again, he uttered erotic whispers, and fucked her like he really wanted her. His cock thoroughly satisfied her receptive pussy, and she wanted him to spend the night with her, so he stayed and slept over. It wasn’t until the second passionate fucking the morning after, that she realized, the whole time, the bulge in his pants was always for her.

Age of Passion

Midnight sensuality
releases beautiful intensity;
After many years together,
two lovers still Lovingly
Please each other thoroughly—
Experienced hands stimulate
The pleasure points of a
Receptive body perfectly.
Her feminine needs are not forgotten;
The importance of foreplay
Is definitely not lost on him.
Slowly, they intertwine in intimacy;
They whisper loving things to each other
In-between kissing deeply.
Under soft light, they make
love to each other passionately;
Sexual sounds indicate the
Progression of eroticism
As an eager tongue leads to
The first of many orgasms.
Time is of no concern when lovers
have all night erotic marathons;
The dawning of the morning light
Brings the rich taste of Irish coffee
And caps off a passionate night
Of wonderful ecstasy.