Craving (3)

Her experienced fingers excite the place where the feeling of pleasure still lingers. The privacy of darkness conceals the extent of her wetness. She is passionate, and in the comfort of her bedroom she can moan as loud as she wants and spread her legs wide in a showing of her sexual forwardness; she wants to have more orgasms, not less — so she spanks herself, fantasizing about the transcendence of pleasurable roughness. She is so wet. Her ass begs for the use of her vibrating dildo, so she gets up and retrieves it, returning to her bed then deciding to ride her pillow. The stimulation of her clit feels so fucking good; she moans as she lightly pinches her nipples. Still, her ass can’t be ignored, so she turns to the side with her pillow between her legs as her ass is thoroughly pleased from the dildo’s vibrating head; recalling what she said to a past lover in an erotic whisper, to herself she says, I’m your whore, make me beg. She screams, squirting on her pillow and all over her bed.

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