Craving (2)

She sucks the full length of his cock with passion; her lips tightly wrapped around his girth
as she greedily savors the taste of him. In the darkness, her fingers find the deep wet source
of her pleasure — she rubs her clit first, before two fingers enter her. Her euphoric moans
are muffled because her mouth is full. She teases the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue;
he lies back with his eyes closed and amorously whispers to her, Take off the rest of your clothes.
Sucking him in doggy position, she spreads her legs wider — rubbing her throbbing clitoris faster;
with dripping lust he stares at her, and he wants to be inside her. He says her name again and again
through beautiful whispers, and her pussy is so much wetter. She pauses her sucking to mount him;
it’s been so long since she’s fucked him — his hugeness stretches her, and her wet passion runs down
his rock hard length like a river. They both close their eyes and count down from five so they can
cum together, but tonight she does not want him to release inside of her vagina; she quickly slides
down and places her mouth on his erect hardness as he releases. Oh, shit; oh, baby, is all that
he can muster, between tempered screams and heavy breathing.

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