Delicate Petals

She is a flower who cried the day they threw her away,
but loving hands reached for her and placed her in water,
and nourished her, and deeply cared for her.
Her petals were bruised because she was misused,
and even with scars on her stem, she flourished
and found healing — under soft light, her beauty is revealing
of something delicate, transcendent, and heaven sent;
Joyous tears fall on her petals, and radiantly she blooms forever.
She is beautiful in the spring, fall, summer, and winter.

4 thoughts on “Delicate Petals

    1. When they reject you, they are rejecting a woman who would bring immeasurable value to their organization. Your doubters and detractors don’t determine your worth; you will flourish in every aspect of your life. Though you feel abused — keep trying, and allow my writing to strengthen your resolve. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Julia.

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