Rhythmic Depths

He takes her to depths she’s never felt before,
and delicately, she rubs her clit with her eyes closed
as he sucks her beautifully pedicured toes.
He feels so good inside her, even more than he knows—
though she expresses her pleasure through her moans.
He desperately wants her to orgasm intensely.
He desperately wants her to finally let go.
In missionary he satisfies her, but from the side,
his length finds her G-spot, and his width
rubs against her sensitive clit so much better.
He wants to memorize the words of her sensual whispers
down to the very last letter, so he can find his release
when they are apart and can’t see each other.
She counts down from ten, but she only makes it to seven
before she has an intense orgasm on his hugeness again.
She wants to take control of the rhythm, so she sits on him,
but before that, she got on her knees
to taste her own passion while he was looking.

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