Wants Him Watching

She was afraid to explore her long held eroticism
because of what she may have heard from the
loud and hypocritical voices of fierce criticism;
but one evening, she let go, letting her sensuality flow
and with her lover in a corner watching, she teased him
with her loud moaning; and after she manipulated
both heads of her double-ended dildo inside her,
she slowly pulled it out and tasted her passion,
before reaching orgasm using her vibrator
as her lover stroked himself intensely in a chair, intently
looking at her, longingly wanting to be inside her.
Knowing he was going to release at any second,
she seductively crawled to him, then used her tongue
to please him, excited that he was still watching.
With everything in him, he held on without releasing,
to savor the pleasure of her warm and wet tongue;
but when she mounted him and rode the full length
of his rock hard measure, he released loudly inside her
as she whispered, goddamn it, stop fucking holding back
and give me what I want; baby, please cum.
After her sensual pleas, she got on her knees
to take into her mouth what he had just released.
She looked up at him watching, still extremely wet
and playing with herself, wanting to fuck again.

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