The most intense sex couldn’t scratch the surface
of her lascivious desires that are secret.
To not only want two but three men
at the same time, lingers on her mind.
She uses an extremely flexible double–ended dildo
and a variety of vibrators to keep herself satisfied.
At least once a day, she makes time to play;
screaming loudly as she releases uncontrollably.
The thought of them inside her excites her.
She dreams of walking into a dimly lit room
wearing lingerie and black stiletto heel sandals—
where three brawny men would be awaiting.
To write of her excitement in that moment,
would be words not easily contemplated.
First, roughly from behind, she wants to be taken;
while at the same time, looking into the eyes
of the man in–front of her, as she tastes him.
To have her hair pulled as she is being pummeled
on her knees, would be something that would thoroughly please;
she would certainly euphorically scream
as she feels the pleasure from the measure
of the other she rides, who is underneath.
She contemplates the lustful whispers they would say to her
as inside her, they would both be deep.
She has another intense orgasm,
thinking of the secret desires that she keeps.

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