Carnal Unrestraint

She had teased his cock all day,
wearing no panties in a short skirt
and six inch open toe stiletto heels on display;
for hours, his erect nature craved her,
but she consciously made him wait longer
so he would roughly spank her,
firmly pull her long black hair,
and fuck her increasingly harder
over and over for hours,

There is a subtleness in her beauty.
The lovely undertones of a yet to be
discovered intense sensuality.
To be enveloped in the warmth
Of her aura, is to deeply love her;
To look upon her countenance,
Is to realize that there is a
Raging fire in her eyes.

True Essence

In the stillness of the quiet hours, a transcendent peace falls upon her.
Her heart was once coldly broken, but now she flourishes in the warmth of healing.
To breathe, she thought she needed him and wept at the thought of never seeing him again,
But her pain turned out to be heaven’s blessing, because she reclaimed her true essence,

and in her discovery, she found that she was exceedingly strong and deeply loving.
She also ascertained, that truly loving herself was the key to being strengthened;
Beautifully, she closes her eyes in her own embrace — the light of her spirit
Wonderfully exuding through the ethereal radiance of her face.
She is gorgeous in her nakedness with an aura that could never be erased.
To have her love, is to have a gift that could never be replaced;
She is light. She is loved. She is safe. Always.