Her wet fingers, rub the places
the feelings of his measure still linger;
her bed is soaked with the passion
of vividly recollected memories.
She teases herself to make the euphoria last longer;
pinching her erect nipples,
And then deciding to use the vibrator
that is beside her, to climax harder.
With her legs open, she thinks of him
while heavily breathing and sensually whispering.
On the advent of her next orgasm,
her body erotically writhes,
as if she is experiencing a spasm.
She licks the tip of the vibrator as if she is teasing him,
only to place it back inside her,
before intensely releasing again.
She feels sexy in the black stiletto sandals
that she is beautifully wearing.
To spank herself, she turns over
and moves into doggy position;
loudly screaming, with the windows open,
she hopes that the tall masculine neighbor
that often waves to her is listening.

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