Wet Anticipation

Remembering, the taste of his lips and the depths of him,
She waits restlessly, touching herself after undressing.
She is excited by every little sound that could be him;
The minutes go by, and still, there, after an hour and a half
She lies, unclothed with deep desire in her eyes.
The doorknob turns, and he walks in;
She turns and looks at him, as she calls his name
Brushing her fingers against her nipples seductively in her whispering.
Removing the comforter that covers her,
She reveals her deep desire for him;
He comes closer and passionately touches her;
She sucks his fingers, and then moves them lower.
She moans, as he slowly enters her; they deeply kiss.
For so long, she had waited for him—
And now, against the wall, he lifts her over his head—
His broad shoulders under her legs.
She places her hands firmly around his neck;
His tongue, already exploring the longing of her
Anticipation that is dripping wet.

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