Secret Desires (Pt. 2)

She holds long held secret desires within her.
In her dreams, she tells him to go deeper and spank her harder.
She wants her hair to be pulled, with her hands tied behind her—
Dressed in heels, lace black stay-up thigh highs, and a lace black garter.
She wants him to place his hand around her neck
When he firmly flips her over and passionately kiss her;
Her desire, is to drive his lust even more with lascivious and seductive whispers.
She wants to tease him with her tongue and suck his fingers;
She wants his length and thickness in yet unexplored places,
And to use her favorite vibrator, while he is still inside her.
She wants to have lasting euphoric feelings even after,
And tease her nipples with one hand, and with the other—
Finger the places where the feeling of his measure still lingers.
She wants to call him and let him listen to her moans and her screaming;
And tell him, to take his clothes off and stroke himself until he gets off.
It is a man she sees everyday. She wants to taste him.
She wants to fuck him. She wants to stop dreaming.

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