Intimate Silence

Overcome with intense anticipation
She touches herself in partial undress—
Taking the edge off with her fingers,
And the sounds of heavy breaths.
Listening intently for his steps,
She wants him to come in, sit,
And watch her play with herself before sex.
He walks in, and she keeps going;
Saying his name seductively
Between uncontrolled moaning.
Slowly he starts undressing,
Enticed by her sensual writhing
And the lustful words of her whispering.
The usual foreplay is skipped;
While she she rides him, they deeply kiss.
Sensually, in a circular motion
She vigorously moves her hips.
Passionate confessions are orated
Through sincere and amorous lips;
After the first wave, she holds onto him
Screaming, her body shaking
As if she was involuntarily dancing.
After the second wave, they release together;
The measure of him, deep inside her.
The beauty in their intensity
Is the height of their euphoria,
And the length of the breathtaking
Intimate silence after.

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