The Chair

The chair, where pleasure takes place;
Where each other, they passionately kiss,
And where each other, they teasingly taste.
Where he sits, and she on top of him,
With his strong hands around her waist;
Where he guides her up, and then down on him
Again and again, in a sensual rhythm
Until she screams in transcendent climax
From the measured strokes of his depths;
his hands, lips, and tongue teasing
The erect nipples of her aroused breasts.
Where she moans, as she is immersed in
Constant waves of orgasms, on the the tips of her toes,
As if climbing unending erogenous steps.
Where she likes to ride reverse cowgirl
In an erotic trance with her hair down,
And sometimes, likes to turn herself to the side,
So she can feel him inside, as she looks into his eyes.
The chair, where they express the intimate
Poetry of their hearts without fear;
and he whispers sensual words to her,
While from behind, he pulls her hair.

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