You Are Worthy

I see the pain in you that others can’t see;

I see the angelic light of your beauty;

When you speak, I listen intently;

Where they see chaos and dysfunction,
I see, beautiful intricacies.

When they call you whore,
I call you a gorgeous woman
whose depths are yet to be explored;

When they say they hate you, I say, I love you.

When they turn you away,
I take your hand and tell you to stay;

When they whisper vile utterances,
I tell you how beautiful your aura is.

When they call you worthless,
I hold you in my warm embrace
with your head against my chest
and tell you that you are worthy of true love
and nothing less.


Her wet fingers, rub the places
the feelings of his measure still linger;
her bed is soaked with the passion
of vividly recollected memories.
She teases herself to make the euphoria last longer;
pinching her erect nipples,
And then deciding to use the vibrator
that is beside her, to climax harder.
With her legs open, she thinks of him
while heavily breathing and sensually whispering.
On the advent of her next orgasm,
her body erotically writhes,
as if she is experiencing a spasm.
She licks the tip of the vibrator as if she is teasing him,
only to place it back inside her,
before intensely releasing again.
She feels sexy in the black stiletto sandals
that she is beautifully wearing.
To spank herself, she turns over
and moves into doggy position;
loudly screaming, with the windows open,
she hopes that the tall masculine neighbor
that often waves to her is listening.

Agony and Intimacy

In their agony they found true intimacy.
With tears in their eyes, they kissed deeply,
And all night, wept, and shared their stories;
They then undressed, and he took her into his arms gently
And made love to her passionately.
She whispered to him, You belong to me
And looking into her eyes, he replied, Yes baby,
I love you with everything within me
They had both suffered so much tragedy.
Without rings, in love, they are truly married.

Secret Desires (Pt. 2)

She holds long held secret desires within her.
In her dreams, she tells him to go deeper and spank her harder.
She wants her hair to be pulled, with her hands tied behind her—
Dressed in heels, lace black stay-up thigh highs, and a lace black garter.
She wants him to place his hand around her neck
When he firmly flips her over and passionately kiss her;
Her desire, is to drive his lust even more with lascivious and seductive whispers.
She wants to tease him with her tongue and suck his fingers;
She wants his length and thickness in yet unexplored places,
And to use her favorite vibrator, while he is still inside her.
She wants to have lasting euphoric feelings even after,
And tease her nipples with one hand, and with the other—
Finger the places where the feeling of his measure still lingers.
She wants to call him and let him listen to her moans and her screaming;
And tell him, to take his clothes off and stroke himself until he gets off.
It is a man she sees everyday. She wants to taste him.
She wants to fuck him. She wants to stop dreaming.


As if you are a still photo,
Still, in my heart I hold you,
Suspended in your most joyous moment
From the movie of our time.
I see you every waking hour;
With tears of true love—
You are framed in my eyes.

Wet Anticipation

Remembering, the taste of his lips and the depths of him,
She waits restlessly, touching herself after undressing.
She is excited by every little sound that could be him;
The minutes go by, and still, there, after an hour and a half
She lies, unclothed with deep desire in her eyes.
The doorknob turns, and he walks in;
She turns and looks at him, as she calls his name
Brushing her fingers against her nipples seductively in her whispering.
Removing the comforter that covers her,
She reveals her deep desire for him;
He comes closer and passionately touches her;
She sucks his fingers, and then moves them lower.
She moans, as he slowly enters her; they deeply kiss.
For so long, she had waited for him—
And now, against the wall, he lifts her over his head—
His broad shoulders under her legs.
She places her hands firmly around his neck;
His tongue, already exploring the longing of her
Anticipation that is dripping wet.

Essence of a Woman

The essence of a woman requires you to deeply love her, to draw out her long held secrets like the refreshing sweetness of well water. Move past the superficial, and explore the depths of her heart to see her sorrow, her joy, her hopes, and past hurt. You may see scars and a barrier of protection, because she is afraid of being in pain again; also, fields of flowers, because inside she is beautiful, and she loves them. She has been mislabeled, she has been used and has suffered the scourge of mental and physical abuse — so you must be delicate with her, as if holding the petals of a flower. In her soul, there is mystery and wonder, and when she loves, she loves with everything within her. In sincerity, you must hold her and serenade her soul with beautiful whispers. In her life, if she chooses you to enter, remember not to take her for granted, and to grow in love together, there must be loyalty, respect, and understanding. The importance of patience and communication must not be understated. Anger, from the inevitable stresses of life, and your interactions with her, must be separated. Present flowers to her unexpectedly to let her know she is appreciated. Whatever comes, you will face it with her and get through it together. Be her lover, her strength, and her protector. In matters of intimacy, you must learn her body and know how to touch her. First stimulate her mentally, and there will be transcendency in pleasing each other. She was made in divinity, a beautiful sculpture of the creator. Sometimes, the intricacies of her you might not easily know, so lovingly, speak to her with your heart, and with the depths of your soul.


I’m so wet, is what she said to herself under her breath,
While with her eyes closed, she moaned and touched herself.
It was a previous event that she was so ecstatic to recollect.
On a stormy Friday, early in the afternoon is when they met,
And by the twilight of the evening, she was screaming
With her hands behind her back, drenched in euphotic sweat.