The longing of sexual tension led her to drenched anticipation;
For months, she dreamt of him after eye contact, lingering touches, and subtle flirting.
Now, he kisses her softly ā€” expressing his want through the eagerness of his body.
On top of him, she if flushed with primal lust,
But she savors the moments and is not rushed;
She moves slowly, releasing the sounds of uninhibited sensuality
As she looks into his eyes directly.
They kiss deeply, caught in the rapture of flawless ecstasy.
She whispers to him, letting out all of the things she’s wanted to say, finally.
Her words inflame his erotic nature;
Tightly closing his eyes, he strongly holds her, bringing her down faster and deeper,
Taking her to a place of transcendent euphoria and unending pleasure.

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