Amorous Dreams

Erotic dreams drive her to the edge of a new awakening;
In both her subconscious and conscious mind,
She finds herself fantasizing about him.
He pleases her thoroughly, sparing nothing.
She screams loudly, allowing herself to let go;
After the third wave of sensual shudders,
All inhibitions are thrown out of the window.
She kisses him wildly, whispering utterances
Of lustful desires long held back and suppressed in her psyche.
Touching a transcendent wave of pleasure,
She cannot express through words the feelings of her measure;
Deep breaths and closed eyes are all she can give.
Every moment is savored and mentally recorded.
Her bodily reactions to ecstasy become involuntary,
And she is totally wrapped in passionate intimacy.
Waiting for the next waves to come,
Again and again, she holds onto him and breathes deeply.
With every deep breath, he finds the hedonistic secrets of her depths,
And he gives of himself, until there is nothing left.

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