Beautiful Lies

I know you lie to me, but you lie so beautifully.
After utterances of falsity you kiss me, and tell me you love me.
You say, Baby, your heart speaks to me
and other sweet things like, You make me complete,
But I know the essence of you and the depths of your deceit.
The scent of your perfume is intoxicating, and the taste of your lips are sweet.
I admit, at first I couldn’t see it, but it is your aura that revealed it.
The lies you tell are spoken softly in feminine caress;
you kiss me passionately and draw my head into your breasts.
For a moment I am yours, but only for a moment.
If only you were sincere. I sigh—
my heart is filled with sorrow, and my wounded soul cries.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Lies

  1. This is so true some people always suffer the feelings they have because the other person doesn’t feel the same about them because they can’t commit

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