Erotic Rediscovery

She explores her body thoroughly, rediscovering the parts of her that were once receptive to pleasure but now lie dormant. She craves soft kisses on her neck. She craves intimacy. In her desire, she has found a renewed sensuality; she closes her eyes, touching herself slowly. Time is of no consequence; the primal arousal of her body is awakened gradually. Her heavy breathing is a direct reaction to her erotic memories; thinking about him in her fantasy, she whispers his name sensually, inadvertently. In her new found arousal there is wonder and beauty. Somewhere in her psyche, there is an underlying erotic subtleness that teases her body. She whispers his name again — this time intentionally. She feels him. She feels him deeply. She surrenders herself to pleasure totally and is immersed in femininity. She screams. She screams loudly.

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