The After

It’s never over, even after the last passionate breaths are breathed,
Even after the last words in ecstasy are uninhibitedly screamed;
You linger on me; the taste of you, a constant reminder of intense intimacy.
I inhale you deeply, waiting to exhale, right up until I burst at the seams,
And then again, and again, and again, and again.
I remember the most sensual moments, and then I store them away for later replay;
The canvas of my mind a willing recipient of the beautiful pictures that you paint.
Take me in your rapture and hold me there for an eternity,
Let me dwell in unfettered sensuality and contemplate your mystery.
The scent of your perfume heightens my senses when you kiss me,
And euphoria takes over in primal carnality.
Blue silk falls away from your shimmering body so easily;
Your long curls, become waterfalls over erotic contours.
I must please you. Every inch of your body must be accounted for.

4 thoughts on “The After

  1. We are good thanks for asking. I never knew you had this writing in you it’s beautiful and I wish you nothing but the best


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