Silk Ribbons

Through subtle looks of longing I hold on to you.
Through delicate movements, I approach you in measured passion.
The tones of you are like vast fields of fuchsia flowers
Accented with white gardenias.
On lush green pastures heaven’s rain falls in ultramarine blue.
The balance of our intimacy is a precise ballet,
With beautiful silk ribbons and lace embroidery;
The silhouette of your neck captures the essence of your femininity.
Chandelier earrings compliment your dress like large raindrops
That fall gracefully over the tall lights of New York City.
I fall; I fall without inhibitions, releasing all my love to you, willingly.
I fall without fear, because I know the depths of you will save me.
In your immersion, the waves of you wash over me.
I give to you every part of me, yet I am not empty,
For it is your love that …

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