Silk Ribbons

Through subtle looks of longing I hold on to you.
Through delicate movements, I approach you in measured passion.
The tones of you are like vast fields of fuchsia flowers
Accented with white gardenias.
On lush green pastures heaven’s rain falls in ultramarine blue.
The balance of our intimacy is a precise ballet,
With beautiful silk ribbons and lace embroidery;
The silhouette of your neck captures the essence of your femininity.
Chandelier earrings compliment your dress like large raindrops
That fall gracefully over the tall lights of New York City.
I fall; I fall without inhibitions, releasing all my love to you, willingly.
I fall without fear, because I know the depths of you will save me.
In your immersion, the waves of you wash over me.
I give to you every part of me, yet I am not empty,
For it is your love that …

For the less fortunate Children at Christmas

You are loved.

You are beautiful flowers
arrayed in different colors.

You are precious.

You are worth more than beryl,
gold, and diamonds.

You are priceless.

The light in you, shines brightly.

You are like the moon in the sky
that shines nightly.

Though you may not have many gifts this year,
or any at all, remember in your heart there is a song;
remember, you might shed tears and be sad,
but it will not last long.

You are not less than, you are more than
you can ever imagine.

Always stand tall, even in the face
of cruel whispers and mockery
from those with more material possessions.

The angels look upon you.

You are heaven’s passion.

— Merry Christmas


Shattered innocence becomes the blood of vengeance.
Ruthless utterances long to escape the long held silence.
The days of mercy wane for hidden monsters;
The infliction of pain at their hands, will never be forgotten.
They will stand in the congregation of their victims,
And give an accounting.
Gleeful hearts will savor the hour of their sentencing;
Justice will be immediate; there will be no pardon.
Pleas for leniency will fall on deaf ears,
Because of the walls that wept, the screams, the torment,
And the children’s tears.

Eternal Embrace

On that night she said to me, if it should come for me, remember me, not through an overthought eulogy, or even your last moments with me, but instead, me kissing you, and you holding me tightly, without fear, right before our transcendence of ecstasy; and in my grave concern, I made several inquiries as to what could ever take her away from me, and her only words were, promise me. But I cried incessantly, and in my weeping, she comforted me, touching me warmly, as her hair fell and brushed against me; and I held her, and kissed her, and with her body in my embrace, I talked to her lovingly, and said, baby, whatever it may be that comes for you, will also have to come for me.

Ballet of the Branches

Fall trees finally shed all of their leaves,
Vastly displaying their unabashed nakedness;
What was once a settling rustling, now marks a strange silence.
Branches move to and fro as if they were marionettes;
The winds blow and cause them to dance,
Like a ballerina adorned with a diamond tiara, in beautiful snowfall,
Under a midwinter’s trance.

Take Away the Pain

If I could, I would catch your tears in the wind,
and hold them, and make your pain my pain,
willingly accepting your burdens;
And in my love for you, I will embrace them,
hoping in time, the strength of my spirit will erase them;
But if all else fails, I will forever carry them,
kissing and holding you with tears,
thankful to see you smile again;
And at my end, I will be lifted up into the heavens,
and the deep scarring of my heart
will finally mend.

Utterances of Passion

White lace falls gracefully over the sensual contours of your body, like snowfalls that blanket the deepest Swiss valleys lovingly. Softly, you speak to me beautifully; it is much more than physically that you touch me. It was the first time I saw you, that my soul whispered to me, She is your destiny. I love you, with the deepest sincerity. In me, you will find tranquility, intense emotions of passion, protection, and stability. I marvel at your beauty, as you take your hair down, slowly. Highlighted black waterfalls flow over me. Our love, is an ethereal transcendency. In the throes of passion you hold onto me; I please you, eagerly. I sing to you the utterances of my heart, on a beautiful winter’s night, holding you tightly.

Entries of the Anguished (part 2)

Tears of torment drench heavy curtains.
The sorrowful wail to release the pain and stem the damage.
Agony is devastating, with no ending,
and is not remembered in its origins;
the stumbling of the listless and incoherent whispers,
pierce the stagnant silence at 4 AM.
The soul is stained with the dark dye of pain;

in a long drought of happiness, they pray for rain.
Too often, their signatures are incomplete letters
on white paper, soaked with bloodstains.
Epitaphs of the heart are written,
then rewritten, again and again.
Darkness refuses to leave;
With constant tightness of the chest
and in labored breaths, they breathe.
There is no understanding after abandonment —
so for themselves they grieve.
Desolation shatters utterly, leading to unceasing tears
that fall on worn rosaries.
Old men with grey beards
and elderly women with long silver hair,
weep for the young
who lie in boxes motionless,
in silent beauty.
Words of the anguished are spoken,
hoping that the angels will hear them.
Still, they pray for solace,
and a new awakening.

Pelham Bay Park, ’97

On that evening we kissed
And found sweet release in
each other’s arms;
In the twilight,
we exchanged stories of pain
and bravely displayed our scars.
And under a full moon
and beautiful stars,
the wind caressed Linden trees
with a light breeze,
and I loved you under the ambience
of rustling leaves;
We released tears
that we had long to grieve,
and you saw something
beautiful in me,
that others could never see.

Camille’s Revelation

In the final unveiling,
she disrobed
and displayed her scars;
looking into the mirror,
she wept one last time
before letting go,
and she loved herself again —
disregarding their hurtful words
and disparaging whisperings.
She turned to the side
and let her hair fall.
Moving in slow sensuality
and graceful beauty,
she danced,
blowing kisses to the stars;
the bright lights
casting the shadow of
a diamond
against the wall.