I Run to You

When the tears come, I look for you in the in-between.
I immerse myself in your love;
The fragrance of your essence I breathe.
You kiss me; you shelter me;
You hide me in the embrace of your wings.
In the darkness, you are the light of my candle;
The beautiful lyrics of the song that I sing.
You are the tranquility of my soul;
The gorgeous realization of my longing.
The sincerity of my eyes and the passion in my touch,
Are the utterances of my heart’s whispering.
I run, I run to you — and you are there waiting.

2 thoughts on “I Run to You

  1. This reminds me of the chorus of Whitney Houston song, Run to you: “I wanna run to you (ooh)
    I wanna run to you (ooh)
    Won’t you hold me in your arms
    And keep me safe from harm?
    I want to run to you (ooh)
    But if I come to you (ooh)
    Tell me, will you stay or will you run away?”

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