Passionate kisses and sincere promises
Lead to transcendent intimacy
On soft champagne colored comforters
In a canopy bed, with white curtains,
And white lights that surround us.
Rose petals fall from one hundred white roses in purple vases.
A goddess bathes in milk and honey,
And sees through brown eyes with natural lashes;
Her tone of voice are a thousand peaceful rivers;
French perfume on shimmering skin amazes;
Black hair flows over violet silk as she gazes.
Subtle sensuality is the wave that moves
Over a strong euphoric undercurrent;
In her stance, she is beheld as a living art piece,
Captured in different moments;
The beauty of her heart causes a wondrous radiance,
Like heaven’s light, illuminating the wings of the angels.
She captivates the eyes of strangers,
Causing hearts to dance, and thoughts to linger

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