A Beautiful Age

Silver rivers flow gracefully over skin that shimmers in its beauty. In her nakedness she dances; an evening dress from the past invokes memories. In a silk black robe she drinks her morning coffee; in her aura, their is a subtle sensuality. Plum colored pedicures are a favorite pastime; maybe next time she’ll get a multicolored design. She is young at heart and it shows in her glow; young men pursue her and she is certainty flattered. Men of her own age, try to appeal to her intellect while holding lustful desires. Her favorite attire are, short sundresses and wedge heels in the summer, and tweed dresses, scarves, and leather high heel boots in the winter.

Her makeup compliments her wonderfully; her lips—the gloss and sweetness of honey. She never answers questions directly about her age, but instead, allows the inquirer to guess three times, then contemplate. There is an ethereal nature about her that is calming; she is well versed in matters of sensuality and pleasure, as well as politics, current events, medicine, and academia. She is able to mingle easily with members of high society, as well as rough personalities in the city. In her maturity she ages wondrously. Sitting on a French day bed with her legs crossed gracefully, she looks into an oval mirror with gold trim and brushes her hair.

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