Impassioned Thoughts (2)

When you kiss me, you release my desolate spirit into ethereal transcendence. The light in you, is the beauty of your radiance. Your lips are as sweet as Diamante strawberries, freshly picked, and steeped in flowing chocolate rivers. An angel shimmers under the glory of heavenly light; in the turning of your head, I see the brightness of the diamonds in your eyes. You move me to emotion because I have witnessed the depths of your cries. I love you; If I was blind, still, I would see you clearly with no eyes. The peace of your aura is like a quiet stream, gracefully flowing under a full moon and clear skies. I can run to no one else but you; In the embrace of your breasts I am intoxicated by the scent of your perfume. The length of your curls are like heavenly waterfalls flowing infinitely, with no beginning, and with no ending. The tone of your skin, is like a variation of beautiful colors, infinitely blending.

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