A Series of Events

Emerald rain falls on magical kisses.
The world is seen through purple lenses.
Redwood trees stretch their branches to the heavens.
Grey whales communicate lovingly;
Sunlight glistens on jumping dolphins.
Kodiak bears stand on their hind legs
Searching for the North Star;
The Earth spins on her axis,
And the fire inside her dances.
The Sun looks at Mercury and notices her jealousy;
Saturn shows off his ringlets
And taunts Earth’s gravity.
Earth responds quickly and teases Saturn
About his low density.
Pregnant mothers feel the kicking of their babies;
Persephone escapes the underworld
And promptly divorces Hades.
Dionysus stands unclothed in the company of many ladies.
Twilight lovers whisper to each other passionately;
Sensual dreamers awake suddenly in lament,
trying to recapture their fantasies.

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