4 AM Thoughts

A beautiful moon.

The fall air is cool.

Music is therapy.

A picture of my mother
under lamp light.

There is a peculiar stillness in darkness.

Creatures of the night move
mysteriously in the starlight.

A bookmark protrudes in between
Pages 100 – 101
Frederick Douglas: Prophet of Freedom
by David W. Blight.

Two windows half way opened;

The branches and leaves of fall trees
move gracefully in light breeze.

The beauty of a clear sky
and twinkling stars overhead.

Several books stacked up at the edge of a large table.

Fine point and ball point pens mixed in
with a few pencils and markers in a container.

A stack of notebooks and writing pads.

Scented candles I’ve never used.

The humming of an air purifier.

A large cup of coffee with sweet condensed milk.

The comfort of a warm quilt.

A beautiful note written to me from someone
over twenty years ago on the back of a card
with a white dove and backdrop of floral colors,
that was recently rediscovered.

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