And So It Was

Fall winds blow against faces of sorrow;
In unsightly agony the beautiful wail in peaceful meadows;
Archangels glow and the peace that follows;
Heaven’s showers fall on parched weeping willows;
Blue starlight graces streams that quietly flow;
A child is conceived under the mighty cover of redwood trees;
The dead inside let out a loud cry and begin to breathe;
Children of the night discover flowers made of white diamonds;
Magical trees shed golden leaves.
Whale mothers lovingly whisper to their calves in night seas;
The earth sings her song beautifully to the listening pleasure of the galaxies;
Adonis is resurrected and blows a kiss to Aphrodite;
Hannibal seeks redemption and marches on Rome with reignited armies;
A Lunar Eclipse causes the kings of the earth to weep Uninhibitedly;
A crown and scepter is given to the once downtrodden and lowly;
Mothers of slain sons see them again in glory;
Souls long to ascend in the anticipation of the opening
Of the beautiful twelve gates of heaven.

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