The Final Revelation

I loved you, but you didn’t love me. Me eyes deceived me, and my heart kept it from me. It wasn’t until the day I drowned in my despair and you stood and watched me coldly without a care—that I knew. Your misandry escaped me; in my agony I lamented that you presented your true self to me not so subtly—but in that stark revelation, were the cornerstones of my salvation. In my heart your name became a byword for treachery and indifference. The lacerations of my emotions were for so long revealed in every sentence. I release myself from you. I purge you from my system. Truly, physically you are beautiful, but your heart is poison. I understand now that you are who you are, and have been from your inception. I do not seek your approval; I have no want nor need of your acceptance. Unawares, you drown and are consumed in your own uninhibited wantonness. Upon hearing the news of your inevitable imbroglio, I will be dispassionate and listless.

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