Black waterfalls flow over brown contours
That cover the inlets of her spine;
The moon’s light shines on shimmering skin
In gorgeous twilight divine;
Her eyes are the mysteries of
One hundred thousand years;
Her mind is the intricacy of laughter
And the sorrow of tears.
Diamond chandelier earrings shadow the
Femininity of her neck;
Her own natural beauty is the essence of her adornment.
Her lips are the softness of honey butter,
And the sweetness of strawberry nectar.
Her beauty is the delicacy of the petals
Of burgundy rose flowers.
At the bottom of the depths of her soul
Are sweet and peaceful waters;
From her inception she was a shining star
Among many daughters.
Her undying love is the core of her being,
Surpassing the superficial and transcending
Into the ethereal realm.
None were created like her on the earth
Or under the heavens.
Many men desire to draw
From the depths of her water;
She was born in the winter with a heart of fire,
And is the obsession of secret desires.

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