Release My Heart

I turn my head so you don’t see my tears.
When I needed you, you weren’t there—
But still my hearts loves you; still I am a fool for you;
Release my heart from this bondage of imprudent love;
Let me find another and fall into her embrace,
Kissing her passionately and gently touching her face.
Let me shed tears of joy with her and love her without apprehension.
Let my aura embrace her, and let my spirit tell her
That my heart longs for her with sweet surrender.
Release me I say, and let me live without you;
Poison from sweet lips are so often spoken;
The contours of your face are beautiful,
And the length and softness of your hair are undeniable,
Yet my heart is broken.
I am tormented by my own heart with unreasonable yearning.
Your taste is sweet, but the bitterness of your treachery
Lingers in the intestines; I can tolerate you no more
Without the withering of my soul;
I can entertain you no longer my love.
Reject my heart bitterly with fierce words that sting utterly,
So it can long for you no more and return to me.
Erase the love I have for you and extirpate my emotions mercifully;
Send my heart away with the lacerations of deep hurt
So the scars can be a testament of my foolish desire.
Let me greatly lament in my time of weeping
So the coldness of my heart can be turned against you forever.
Do not indulge my silliness when I call your name in my slumber;
Reason with me fairly, and release me gently
Like a paper sailboat on a winding river.
Let me go and draw sweet tasting waters
From the deepness of another well;
Let me abide in heaven and escape the harrow of hell.
Tell me plainly you do not love me.
Tell me that you have found another better,
And that you have fallen in love.
Give my heart no hope, nor indulge my wayward emotions in any way;
Act harshly towards me, and vigorously push me away.
Cause my heart to hate you without consternation.
Allow me to finally find my angel.

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