The lust of my wayward thoughts set me adrift on the waters of intense intimacy and unfettered sensuality. I want you uninhibitedly; I want you to want me with primal instincts, holding back nothing, reacting to waves of movements with no time to think. Whisper to me the secret lusts of your desire; do not temper your spirit—release your fire. Look into my eyes intently when you reach your climax; do not hold back; we are wild roses in our flourishing. You belonged to another, so I’ve waited eight seasons now to satisfy my longing. I want you totally; you are my predilection. The scent of you alone moves me to pleasure. Let us spend beautiful evenings in a canopy bed surrounded by white lights and white roses. Let us enjoy the textures and colors of beautiful silks and vintage quilts. You are the passion of my heart; I render to you all that I am and all that I have. I love you with a definition not yet discovered or written. The literature of my spirit are writings of you filled with love, passion and eroticism. The subtle beauty of you are the undertones of a queen draped in purple silk over a golden throne flowing. I marvel at the softness of your skin and its beautiful tone shimmering. Oh, that I should be so fortunate to witness the beautiful sounds of your rapture! The contours of your silhouette alone hold me in your capture. We are two blue fires who have finally come together. My desire for you is obvious in my approach. I touch you with emotions overflowing; in my overtness I reveal long hidden steps leading to the depths of my soul. You touch and see the parts of me that for so long have remained untold.

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