Their petty criticisms will not move me;

Their biased assessments will not disturb me;

Their hypocritical rhetoric will not cause
me to lose sleep;

Their mockeries will not stop me;

Their bullshit theories I will wholly reject;

The fear in their eyes on the advent
of their timely demise, I will laugh at;

The memory of them will be short lived
in the purgatory of insignificance;

The story of their names will be cutoff in mid-sentence;

They will be forever bound in the hell of irrelevance;

The children will not whisper their names in reverence;

Their fame will fade, and their lives will
be burned in the flames of obscurity;

Their lofty titles will be wiped out,
and their names will be the subject of mockery;

They will be reviled even unto the third and fourth generations;

They will leave no legacy behind;

The pain that they inflicted will not be forgiven;

The stories of their treachery will live on
and never die;

There will be no tenderness given

The poetry of their victims will have no
refrains of love written about them;

They will fade away like ashes in the wind.

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