Beautiful Render

You are my medicine;
The light that vanquishes the darkness within.
My parched soul sought an oasis,
And my wounded heart bled out under the vastness.
Oh to touch your contours tenderly
And write paragraphs of you lovingly!
Am I not indebted to the heavens,
And do the angels not whisper of us
In halls of jasmine, gold and beryl?
If we were to die together
Let them also mourn us together
And look upon our countenance for the last time,
Whispering to each other,
In heaven they dine.
Before the bitter cold of the winter
Let couples embrace with tears and say to each other,
I have found you, and now with this solemn vow,
I promise to love you like no other.

On nights when the moon is bright they will
Look for us right after dusk and see us in the starlight—
Reaching to touch the sacred remnants of us;
I breathe in deeply to inhale the essence of you
Before the world is no more,
When the songbirds have sung their last song,
The moon turns to blood,
And everything is gone;
I exhale slowly in euphoric glory
Waiting for another deep inhale,
With beautiful anticipation.

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