I Render

When I couldn’t love, you loved me.
When I couldn’t see, you guided me.
When I couldn’t hear,
Still, you whispered to me lovingly.
When I was cold,
In your rapture you embraced me.
In the throes of death, you revived me.
When I slept, you kissed me;
When I reached for you, you held me.
When I was listless, you willingly
Rendered to me your energy.
When I was misunderstood,
You listened to me patiently.
When they ridiculed me,
You explored the depths of me;
When the fires of hell scorched me,
You quenched me, and wrapped me
In the white wings of your glory.
If we were few and they were many,
Still, you would go to war with me fearlessly.
In battle you exhibit your ferocity,
while still retaining your femininity;
I love you;
If they were to come for you,
They would have to first face me;
And with my own blood upon me,
I would whisper to you in dying breaths,
Baby, slay them faithfully.
I marvel at your beauty;
I see you through loving eyes,
And touch you with the sincerity
Of the blood that flows within me.
You were there; You were there for me
After the treachery of my own family.
I was alone in the wilderness of desolation,
And you sent for me.
Void of feelings, you revived me
With the healing of your sensuality.
I render to you all that I am,
And all that I have eternally.

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