I Reach for You Angel

I come to you broken.
I come to you with severed wings
In agonizing pain unspoken;
I come to you lifeless
With eyes that have cried
Under red skies with with perpetual longing.
I come to you grounded,
With faint hopes of flying.
I come to you sorrowful;
The dust from the remnants
Of a broken vessel.
Look upon my countenance,
And see me in my wretched totality;
Take the full measure of me,
And gaze upon me lovingly.
I am broken, yet love overflows in me.
Let me sleep in your embrace;
Kiss me for an eternity,
And let me touch your face,
Caressing you gently.
In the warmth of your rapture,
Wrap me eternally.
From torment, lament, and pain take me;
Through loving eyes see me.
Rescue me;
Resurrect me under a bright star’s glory.
With your hair, dry my weeping eyes,
And with your healing love
Rewrite my story.

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