Blood of Vengeance

After the spilling of innocence, 
There is the blood of vengeance;
Fire in the eyes signifies a thirst that never dies.
There must be a recompense paid.
There must be an accounting 
For every tear shed in time of weeping.
There must be no rest for enemies—
No joyous feasting or sound sleeping.
They must perish,
They must perish with their blood upon them in stifling fear;
They must anticipate their fate
Knowing the hour is near.
And in that hour, revenge will be as a honeycomb sweet;
They are the sowers of violence,
So violence they will reap; savagery they will reap.
Under a red sky, rivers of blood will overflow,
Until the tall reeds and the grass is stained;
The essence of them will not remain;
The essence of them will not remain.

Even the dust of their bones the winds will carry away,
Then will come the darkness of the night
And take away the day;
Darkness will take away the day.

Their last laments will not be heard—
And their pleas for mercy will be ignored.
They shall fade away promptly from history.
It shall be written of them, that they died cowardly,
Without glory or notoriety.
Their ending will not be a great mystery;
With the blood of vengeance they shall be wiped out;
They shall be wiped out utterly.

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