If you should fade away from me,
Let me hold on to the remnants of you
With tears of longing, weeping, for what could have been
In-between sorrowful singing, appealing to the heavens to hear my cry;

Kiss me one last time lest I die without remembrance of your eyes
And the softness of your skin against mine.
To have tasted of your love,
Is to have touched heaven seven times;

If you should leave, I will weep three days without ceasing,
Then on the fourth day resign myself 
To the stark truth that there is
No life without the aura of your being. 

The intimacy of our union I will recall vividly in my memory
And indulge in pleasure endlessly;
Seeing the subtle and sensual movements of your body,
Without inhibition, kissing you wildly and lovingly.

If you must go my love, 
If you must ever leave me for any reason at all
Before you walk away, take a piece of me,
And store me away from all your other memories separately;

That I may live within you and kiss you occasionally,
To remind your heart that you still carry me;
I love you; I love you fervently.
Never leave; stay with me.

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