She Is the Sea

The Sea roars. 
The edges of her violently hit the shore.
At even she is pulled by the moon;
She moans as she rises.
Her depth and darkness set under a red sky;
The place where men go to bury secrets.
She has become an involuntary accomplice;
Lifelessness slowly sinks to her cold floor
From the relative warmth of her surface;
She will not give up her dead.
In her currents they become somewhat lifelike, 
Moving to and fro like some morbid puppet show,
With wide eyes open in the darkness.
The creatures of the sea
Observe their latest inhabitants;
Like shipwrecks they are scattered
Longing to be remembered;
The last of their tears coalesced 
Into the salty waters.
On the surface, the living
Weep for their sons and daughters;
In their distress they go to her,
Jumping from bridges to find solace;
In her depths, they seek solace.
In her melancholy—

She is stirred with waves of sadness.
The heavens look down upon her
And see her vastness;
She is a keeper of secrets;

Yes, she is a keeper of secrets.
She holds them in her bowels for perpetuity
And cradles them in her rapture lovingly.
She is the Sea— 
She is the Sea.
She will not be tamed,
And she will remain.
She gives of herself;
In her calmness and warmness they swim,
On her surface they sail,
And in her, are fish, dolphins, and whales.
She is the Sea— 
She is the Sea.
She will not give up her dead;
Their tombs she will not reveal.
She embraces them and carries them with her
Wherever her currents may go.
Her cold and salty depths 
Are their final rest.
In her depths,
They find their final rest.

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