Long after your aura lingers.
I long for you in dimly lit rooms —
The essence of your passion still
Tingling on the tips of my fingers.
The waves of your substance encompass me
And I am immersed in you deeply;
The depths of me I cannot hide.
See me now in my naked vulnerability 
Without my pride, without doubt,
Without my tall defensive walls.
I strip myself of insecure ruminations
And with love I give you my all.
At the end of the world when everything around us falls, 
It is then we will rekindle our eternal vows —
Inseparable in the heavens, your hair 
Falling off the edges of the clouds;
Our story written by the hands of
Angels with golden pens, read aloud again and again.
Your comeliness rivaling that of even the stars;
With tears of joy I behold you…
My dear woman, I love you.
Adorned in white you are my morning light
That vanquishes the torment of the night.
I hold on to you in the storm;
I call for you loudly and you reach for me.
The fire that is in you is also the fire that is in me.
You are a wonderful mystery and beautiful naturally.
Almond eyes across the room stare …
Your hair like a thousand waterfalls in spring after a long winter thaw, 
Curling on the way down with thunderous applause.
Forever I am yours. Eternally I am yours.

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