Two Levels From Hell

Two levels from hell at 3 A.M.
She drinks again and thinks of him
Forever scarred once gentle heart
Now cold as ice and triple dark

The darkness stalks
The darkness stalks
With red eyes shot 
The darkness stalks

Her spirit wails
Her spirit wails
With deep inhale 
Her spirit wails

A love was lost 
A love was lost
And now her soul is torn apart

And in those tears she sheds her tears
From pretty eyes that age with years
Behind her eyes is where pain lies
And Hestia’s flame of many fires

Immersed in pain
That terrible pain
She’s tasted hell
Again and again

From birth to death in torturous depths
The soul it weeps in labored breaths
She walks across in measured steps
The treacherous bridge above the abyss

Two levels from hell
Two levels from hell
Within four walls is where she dwells

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